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XML::Edifact is distributed without any warranty.

The 0.4x track focus on portability. XML::Edifact builds fine on any Unix with Perl 5.6, XML::Parser and Digest::MD5.

XML::Edifact does now run on NT. Requirements to build Perl5 under NT include :

NT 4.0 SP6, MS Dev Studio 97 (MSVC 5.0) sp3, cl (CC) 11.00.7022, AS Perl 521 (5.005_03) Cygwin b19 (just for tar and gzip).
Other versions of the required software may also work. You wont need the C-Compiler, if you just want to build XML::Edifact. But you need NT and nmake. Without a C-Compiler, Digest::MD5 wont build using CPAN, but you have to download the precompiled ActiveStatePPM version before installing XML::Edifact.