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pWiki is an inplementation of the WikiWikiWeb idea of a user elaboratable database written in Perl and published at CPAN.

pWiki is storing its information in normal files on the file system. Those files might be preformatted text, hyper text, pod formatted text, wiki formatted text or a PURL. The pWiki closely mirrors POD, so any valid POD file is also a valid pWiki file. A pWiki file offers simpler tables and wikiness by auto links to PURL's. Using the normal file system for operation gives the benefit, that pWiki integrates well into local editing wit EMACS or VI and with normal maintenance tools like rsync or CVS.

The content is translated depending on the file type and style added depending on the directory of the content or inherited from document root. Each location in pWiki can be extended by a query string.

pWiki is uniq as its installed as an Apache ErrorDocument Handler. So you are currently reading a file not found message. URLs that can not be resolved will show the Edit or Search screen to add new content, or to search for content, that might have been moved.

Online editing can be controlled on directory and user base by normal htaccess had htpasswd files. The availability of online editing is normaly signaled by a small computer icon. The search engine, that is part of pWiki, is using the robots.txt, to prevent information sneaking out of closed areas by using the internal search engine. Registered users might have extended search rights including directories protected by htaccess.