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XML::Edifact - Repository

XML-Edifact Document Type Definitions

The edifact.dtd is used to validate messages produced by the parser of UN/EDIFACT messages, while the repository03.dtd is used to validate repositories produced by the bootstrap process.

The edifact.dtd is implementing the Cooked Style, other styles will follow.

UN/EDIFACT Directory and XML representation

While the old XML::Edifact is building its SDBM database directly during the bootstrap, the new version will produce an XML representation of the EDIFACT batch directory, to simplyfiy the exchange of code list extensions and to give each XML::Edifact::Style an optimal database.


ISO 9735 EDIFACT Service Directory

Current XML::Edifact does only translate on segment level. Future versions will provide grouping according to the message directories.