XML::Edifact - an approach towards <i>XML/EDI</i> as a prototype in Perl XML::Edifact - an approach towards <i>XML/EDI</i> as a prototype in perl
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XML::Edifact - An approach towards XML/EDI as a prototype in perl

UN/EDIFACT is sometimes called nightmare of paperless office. About 3000 pages define the UN/EDIFACT standard to provide a rich semantic for electronic data interchange for trade commerce and transport. A semantic that is difficult to understand and to implement for the average programmer.

XML::Edifact offers an open path for migration between XML and UN/EDIFACT. XML was designed that an average programmer is able to understand it within a day and to write an XML parser to start productive work on the next day.

XML::Edifact is a perl module free available under GNU general public license, able to translate any well formed UN/EDIFACT message into human readable and valid XML and vice versa, by using the original words from the UN/EDIFACT batch directories as markup and the defining document as namespace.